This course will cover one of the most important skill sets of leadership.  That skill set is communication.  Lessons will explore the power of communications in regard to how it affects strategy, change initiatives, culture and, ultimately, success (or failure) of the organization.  Support for our position on the affect of communications will be cited from several well-respected sources ranging from Jim Collins to the Dalai Lama.  We will see the various forms of communication from written to behavioral.  We will explore the preferred communication of the inherent members of a diverse audience.

The course will consist of lessons focused each on specific concepts of communication.

BSBA Finance & MBA

Senior Instructor

Michael Sacco

Mike Sacco has over 30 years of business management experience, he is a management consultant and founder of Stratalyne Business Solutions, he holds an MBA from Norwich University School of Graduate Studies and is certified as a human resource professional as well as having broader general management expertise.

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